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Sunset Leads the Way to School

posted Sep 30, 2016, 10:39 AM by John Hull
Dust off the sneakers, it is time to walk to school. For those of you that were with us last year you may remember that Sunset Park participated in the National Walk to School Day. It was a great time and was a fabulous way to start the day. Sunset Park will once again be participating in this event and we will be walking to school on Wednesday, October 5th. We will have four drop off areas for students to begin their walk to school. Here are the locations: Rutgers & Princeton, Stan-ford & Vassar, Dartmouth & Amherst and Baylor & Yale. Students may be dropped off at one of the previously mentioned locations between 7:45 and 8:00. We will begin our walk to school at 8:00am sharp. Please remember to drive safely as we will have extra students out and about on this day. Sure hope you can join us for a nice stroll to school. Please call if you have any questions 549-7610 for more information.

If you check out this site there is more information about National Walk to School Day and you can see that at the time of this post Sunset Park is the only school in Pueblo to be participating.

Hope you can join us:)